Thursday, March 24, 2011


The XO's have been received. Both turned on, and appear to be mostly operable. There has been a small problem with the touchpads and the cursor not responding correctly, but hopefully that will clear up. I hope to be adding some pictures soon. It turns out I may need ballast for my bulb to start properly. If so, I'll have to locate some ballast, which should be easier to find than the bulb.

"All lamps are powered by ballasts that provide the starting electrical voltage to ionize the gas in the UV lamp and then limiting the current to the nominal level. Lamp ballasts can be either magnetic or electronic. The LED UV lamps do not require ballasts for their operation." from here.


  1. The expensive solution to the problem:

  2. Another promising product:

  3. Improving reflection:
    "Etched aluminum has the highest UV reflective factor." from

  4. Important information: "Refer to the UV dose table or the cut sheet to determine the appropriate exposure times. Divide the desired UV dose by the lamp intensity to calculate the exposure time in seconds. Example: UV dose of 6,600µWs/cm² is needed for 99% inactivation of e. coli. 6,600 / 735 = 8.9 sec.

    Note: the UV intensity will be higher if you place the unit closer to the surface. At 2” the intensity will be 2.5 times higher than at 6"." from


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