Saturday, March 5, 2011

Holidays delay arrival of XO's

Due to a holiday this Monday, I will probably not be able to receive the XO's until next Monday. Any boxed package has to be received on Mondays, here.

I've added a link to SODIS in the list of links to the right. It is a good and effective water treatment solution for longer term sustainable water sterilization in larger quantities. Use of the UVC device could be seen, then, as the immediate solution to drinkable water in a disaster situation.

Possibly, 2 or more liter bottles could be wrapped with thermal blankets (the cellophane/aluminum type) to increase the effectiveness of the UVC exposure by reflection while preventing exposure to human eyes and hands.

Sourcing of a 5 watt UVC bulb is proving to be difficult. If I have to order them from the US, it could take up to a month or two to receive them.

I've requested financing support, but have not received any interest in the project with regards to financing at this time.


  1. I've ordered a UVC bulb from the United States. I was not able to find such a bulb locally, although I will check in Quito next time I'm there.

  2. I've also ordered a USB type A male to type A male 3 foot long cable to try with the one USB type A female to two prong connector I found at Radio Shack in Quito.


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