Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stuck for the Moment

I encountered a problem getting the electrical components to match. The bulb, while it said 5 volt and 5 watt on Amazon, is apparently 120 or 220 volt. It requires a special socket that I've not been able to find yet.

Also, if it becomes necessary to generate additional voltage, I would either need 22 XOs or a vehicle power inverter (the kind that plugs into the cigarrette lighter socket) that transforms 12 volts to 220. These inverters are expensive, and I can't afford to buy one right now. With one of these, I might be able to transform the 10 volts from 2 XOs to enough voltage to get the bulb to function. That is my hope, anyhow.

Right now, it seems that whether this is possible with the given bulb or not might not matter in a few years when the UVC LED bulbs come down in price. Since LED bulbs are generally cheaper, I look forward to the technology becoming more widely available at cheaper prices.

Pictures of all the parts are waiting on a picture editing program being installed on a laptop for proper contrast and lighting.

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